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Reentry 2024: A "Wholistic" Approach to Reentry!

April 14 - 17, 2024



Franklin Cool Springs Marriott!

General Public:     $335.00        Members:    $225.00


Vendors:   $300 

6' table, two chairs, WiFi, table cover,

wastebasket, and electrical outlet


Start Date: Sunday, April 14, 2024 - 4:00 p.m.

End Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2024 - 4:30 p.m.


Due to popular demand, last Day to Book Hotel Rooms:  -Friday, March 29, 2024

Hotel(s) offering your special group rate:

  • Franklin Marriott Cool Springs rooms for

  • $179 USD per night

Click here for your group room rate for the National Association of Reentry Professionals 


QUESTIONS call 855.627.7111

email us at

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The conference program will be 8.5" X 11"
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2024 Conference Agenda

Hosted by Angel Garcia & Christina Love

April 14 – Sunday


Vendor setup 3:00 p.m.

Registration opens Noon – 9:00 p.m.


4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. 

Dale O. Smith, MHA – FreshStart Entrepreneurship, LLC, Using the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Reduce Recidivism In America’s Prisons, Jails and Rehab Centers.

6:00 p.m.  – 7:30 p.m.

The Honorable Judge Elijah Wilhoite, Magistrate Judge, Davidson Co.

Juvenile Justice Court, A Face-to-Face Chat with The Honorable Judge    


April 15 – Monday


7:00 am – 5:00 pm      Registration


8:00 am                       Welcome

William Arnold, Ph. D. – TN Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development; Monty Burks, Ph.D., CPRS, PLC, Deputy Director of the Governor’s Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.


Rodney Jones – Spoken Word


8:30 am                      

Jimmy McGill, Next Steps Recovery Houses, Inc., From Prison to Purpose Jimmy McGill is a distinguished leader holding dual directorships as the

Executive Director of Next Step Recovery Housing and the Executive Director of the National Peer Recovery Alliance. He previously served as the Director of Peer and Recovery Services for the state of Arkansas from 2018 to 2023. Jimmy is a founding member of the SAMHSA Region 6 Peer Support Advisory Committee, an executive board member of the National Peer Recovery Alliance, and the founding Chairman of the National Association of Reentry Professionals, Inc.


9:30 am                       BREAK


9:40 am                          

Reentry Simulation

Session A -

-Jeremy White, A.A., Office of Reentry in the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. In addition, Jeremy is the Co-Owner of Double R Strategies and Consulting.

- Nichole Landrum, FCCM, Florida Department of Corrections. Nichole currently is the Statewide Re-Entry Administrator where she is leading the efforts to establish programming and restorative connections the FDC’s Short Sentence Correctional Institutions (SSCI).  Additionally, she oversees the Roadmap to Restoration efforts throughout the state. 

Session B -

Andre Peart, BA., Untapped Solutions, LLC – Founder/CEO, 2021 Andre launched Untapped Solutions (formerly known as ConConnect) an AI - powered platform to help nonprofits, homeless shelters, employers, and mental health agencies with client management.  In 2022, he was accepted into the COX Enterprise Social Impact Accelerator, powered by Techstars.


11:40 am                     Vendor display opportunity.


Noon                          LUNCH on your own


1:30 pm                      

Veterans Justice Programs

Veteran Justice Coordinators (Panel)

Department of Veterans Affairs


Jessica Blue-Howells, LCSW, Deputy National Director, Veterans Justice Program, US Department of Veterans Affairs Central Office.

Antonio D. Harris, LCSW, Social Science Program Coordinator.  Antonio serves as a National Veterans Justice Programs Peer Services Coordinator. 

Amy B. Frazier, LCSW, Veterans Justice Outreach (VJO) Specialist, Tennessee Valley Healthcare System (VA TVHS). 

James “Brad” Ellis, LICSW, HCRV (Reentry) Program Coordinator.

3:00 pm                      BREAK


3:10 pm                      

Breakout Sessions: (Room locations to be determined)


Session A -

Claude Ouellette, I Will Rise & You Will Too; Author of I Will Rise and You Will Too.  He has transformed his life and emerged as a beacon of inspiration and resilience.  In the depths of his darkest moments, he forged the “I will rise” mentality.     

Session B -

Rodney Rankins, Th. M., 28 Pitfalls of a Man, Redemption 100, Author of 28 Pitfalls of a Man. He is a commercial voice-over artist and the original Founder of Redemption 100, which is the nonprofit organization committed to improving reentry.

Session C -

Jesse Crosson, BA, Founder, Second Chancer Foundation.  This foundation provides and creates support opportunities for others.  Jesse was pardoned after nearly 20 years of incarceration. Having been recently released from prison, Jesse uses his fresh reentry perspective on his social media platforms to educate returning citizens and the public of the challenges faced by justice-involved individuals.


4:05 pm                       BREAK


4:10 pm                      

Andrew Hager, Founder, Blameless Children, National Association of Reentry Professionals, Inc.- Board of Directors Founding Member.  This sought after motivational speaker who was addiction for 28 years.  He recently celebrated 10 years clean. His organization helps children who have been impacted by addiction in their families. He understands the importance of preventing "broken children" from becoming "broken adults".


5:15 pm                       Dinner on your own.


7:00 pm                       Awards night

Special guest - Lori Rothchild-Ansaldi, Founder, Stolen Voices

Special Guest Appearance by Kardell Sims, Founder of On the Inside Re-entry Academy.



April 16 – Tuesday


8:30 am                      

Oswald Newbold II, B.S., Reentry Strategist and Social Justice Advocate

Reimagining Reentry: Turning Disruptions into Innovation

Oswald, a justice-involved leader, owns On2 Enterprises LLC, specializing in reentry consulting and conflict mediation. Also, he is the founder of Libra-Life Mentoring Services Inc., a nonprofit committed to mentoring youth and young adults. Often sought after to participate in local, state, and federal reentry initiatives, Oswald wears many hats as the Reentry Coordinator for the Reentry Center of Riviera Beach, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the National Association of Reentry Professionals, Inc., Executive Committee Member for the Palm Beach County Reentry Task Force, and most recently, becoming a Board Member for the Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Commission. Oswald’s work is deeply inspired by his personal lived experience. He can be reached through his website,, and can be found by name on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.


9:35 am                       BREAK


9:45 am                      

Breakout Sessions: (Room locations to be determined)


Session A -

Arlene Green, Ph. D., Organizational Psychologist, Author, and Executive Coach, Crafting & Owning Your Professional Identity;  

She is the author of the book “You Deserve to Love Your Job: How to Find Your Purpose and Enjoy Your Life” published by Conqueror Productions. Arlene is the Founder and CEO of Enelra Talent Solutions, LLC.

Session B -

Jeremy White, A.A., Reentry Trauma and the Family; Office of Reentry in the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. In addition, Jeremy is the Co-Owner of Double R Strategies and Consulting.

Session C -

Orie Bullard, Building A Successful Reentry Program, Orie Bullard is currently the Director of The Reentry Center in Riviera Beach with 15 years of executive-level leadership in the Reentry field, Orie has been consistently effective in merging his transformational leadership style and passion for innovative community engagement to create impactful opportunities for returning citizens.


10:45 am                     BREAK/Vendor Time


11:15 am                    

Ian Bick - Locked-In with Ian Bick,

Ian was a participant in the HBO Max's "Generation Hustle," series.  He utilizes his lived experience to uplift and encourage others.  Today Ian hosts a podcast "Locked In with Ian Bick." There he explores riveting life stories shared by a diverse array of individuals. Ian utilizes his stint in federal prison as a unique viewpoint as a host. In his captivating show, Ian connects with people from all walks of life, including former inmates, recovering addicts, law enforcement officers, legal experts, mental health specialists, and those who've weathered traumatic experiences and failure.


12:15 pm                     Vendor Time


12:30 pm                    LUNCH (On your own)


1:40 pm                      

David Awadalla, MSW, BSHP, From Incarceration to Federal Employment. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency (SAMHSA), is a Public Health Advisor with SAMHSA’s Office of Recovery.  David also co-leads SAMHSA’s national harm reduction technical assistance efforts and national collaboration across the recovery, prevention, and harm reduction continuum of care.  Prior to transitioning to the federal level, David served as the State Opioid Consultant for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), where he led several state-wide overdose prevention efforts. David identifies as someone in recovery from substance use and mental health conditions. After struggling with related challenges for close to a decade—including overdose, felony convictions, jail time, and a multi-year prison sentence-- David was privileged enough to access life-saving treatment, medication for opioid use disorder, and a robust recovery support system in 2014.


2:40 pm                      BREAK


2:45 pm                      

Breakout Sessions: (Room locations to be determined)


Session A -

Martin “King” Sparkman, International Reentry Program Facilitation; Martin is a highly accomplished individual based in Waterbury, CT. He is the CEO of "Reentry Survivors LLC," a company focused on helping individuals successfully reintegrate into society after incarceration. Martin serves as a Program Manager for the Entrepreneurial Network at the University of Bridgeport where he is also employed as an Entrepreneurial Professor.  HIs work with P.R.I.D.E. International and Barry Diamond has forged him to the forefront of the international reentry community.

Session B -

Philip Cooper, Change Agent, Impacting Reentry Through Professional Peer Specialist Perspectives; Phillip Cooper is a Western North Carolina native and an accomplished reentry expert, criminal justice advocate, and regional Change Agent.  He is the Executive Director of Operation Gateway, Inc.  He is the Practitioner in Residence at NC State University’s Institute for Emerging Issues.  Phillip is also a Community Health Work Capacity Builder with the National Association of Community Health Workers. He is the founder of Voices of Affrilachia, which is a state-funded initiative addressing mental health stigma in the black communities of Western North Carolina.

Session C -

Shon Holman-Wheatley, Ed. S., TN Higher Education Initiative, is the Director of Transitional Programs at the Tennessee Higher Education Initiative (THEI). In this role, he leads and supports a team of reentry professionals who provide individualized transitional services to THEI's HEP students.

Lauren Rhae, (BIO COMING SOON)

William E. Arnold, Jr., Ed. D., serves as the Director of the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s TN Office of Reentry (TOOR). Dr. Arnold combines his training as a higher education administrator and his own lived Reentry experience after nearly seven years of wrongful incarceration to assist Justice Involved Tennesseans overcome barriers to employment. 

Laura Ferguson-Mimms (BIO COMING SOON)


3:45 pm                       BREAK

3:50 pm                     

Session A -

Tanaine Jenkins, Reentry Expert, and Strategist. As the best-selling author of From Prison to President: 7 Ways to Succeed in Your Second Chance, Tanaine channels her experiences to inspire transformation. She serves as President of Everything I Am LLC, and the CEO of The Loc’d Line, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit. Recognized as a thought leader, she took the TEDx Jacksonville stage in 2022, sharing insights on overcoming post-conviction challenges.

Session B -

Shelly Winner, From the Loosing Loop to the Winner Circle,

 Shelley Winner, a Resolute Restorative Justice Activist and top sales representative at a global tech firm is on a mission to transform the alarming 76% recidivism rate. Her impactful TEDx Talk on hiring the formerly incarcerated and featured role in the PBS special "Searching for Justice" underscore her commitment to a more just society.

Session C -

Tolliny Rankins, Th. D. – 28 Ways to a Better You, Exploring the Benefits of Self-Care.

28 Ways to A Better You session focuses on the benefits of self-care, and maintaining proper mental health treatment while recognizing & utilizing your resilience from the inside out, especially when dealing with setbacks, adversity, or trauma. Dr. Tolliny is a published author of the following four books: 28 Ways To A Better You: A Companion Guide to Exploring the Benefits of Self-Care, Let's Pick A Fish, I'm Amazing! She's also the co-author of 28 Pitfalls Of A Man: Confronting Traps Every Man Will Face.


4:45 pm                     Close out Day 2


7:00 pm                     Presenters Book Signing


April 17 – Wednesday

8:00 am                      

David Gethers, M.A., Weak Day Remedies

As a Justice-Impacted Veteran and Transition Expert, I have helped thousands with my innovative Transition and Transformation programs. Using my book, Weak-Day Remedies, and Winning the Transition Battle workshops, I impact, empower, and transform the lives of people in transition.


9:00 am            

Breakout Sessions: (Room locations to be determined)


Session A -

Sandra Smith, Ph. D., ReEntry Peer Specialist: Changing the Narrative with a Global Footprint, Dr. Sandra Smith (she/her) is the Vice President of Via Hope which is the Mental Health Resource of Texas (USA). She is a Certified Reentry Peer Specialist. Dr. Smith is also a SAMHSA GAINS Center trainer for “How Being Trauma-Informed Improves the Criminal Justice System Responses.” She is a published author of her true-life story entitled, Choices. She has a trademarked training in "Thrauma®" which is the concept of the before, during, and aftereffects of trauma. Dr. Smith is also a Reentry Advocate based on her own lived experience.


Session B-       

Rico X, M.A., Project Return, Effective Reentry Programming (BIO COMING SOON)


Session C -

Shelia Bruno, Wife After Prison

Shelia Bruno's impact as a Speaker, Mental Health Advocate, and Author shines through her dedication to illuminating the challenges faced by system-impacted individuals. Her book, "Wife After Prison: Caught in The Aftermath," not only shares her personal journey but serves as a beacon for over 100,000 individuals globally, including those currently incarcerated. Shelia's mission is resolute: to educate, raise awareness, and emphasize the mental health repercussions of a prison sentence.

10:10 am –                  BREAK


10:20 am –                 

Rosetta Pace Taylor, MHA, BSW, VHA-CM, How to Fail at Reentry!  Rosetta Taylor, author, publisher, and consultant.  She is a retiree with 32 years of federal service and a total of 41 years of experience in all phases of reentry.  Rosetta is a Disabled U.S. Army Veteran, a certified Lean Black Belt, and has 4 professionally published videos and 3 books related to recovery, incarceration, and reentry.  She is the Founder and Executive Director of the National Association of Reentry Professionals, Inc.

11:30 am –                  Vendors & LUNCH


1:00 pm                 

Building Bridges: Cultivating Connections for Successful Reentry

NARP recognizes the value of learning from each other's expertise. The objective of this session is to encourage collaboration and connection among interdisciplinary and auxiliary fields. Participants are encouraged to exchange ideas, build relationships, and facilitate future collaborations. REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR BUSINESS CARDS


2:20 pm -                     BREAK


2:30 pm –                   

Breakout Sessions: (Room locations to be determined)


Session A –

Erica Averion, Florida Foundation for Correctional Excellence & Josh Smith, Founder & CEO, Fourth Purpose, Knoxville, TN (BIOS COMING SOON)

Session B -

Samantha Wright, M.S.W., Professional Development Coach, Department of Children Services, Office of Training and Professional Development, Rutherford County, TN.  When parents are arrested, serving prison sentences, or other unfortunate circumstances, children are often negatively impacted. Samantha utilizes her skills and experiences to provide training and job coaching to new social workers as they embark on careers focused on child welfare.  She will explore methods and practices used to assist in the high-quality professional development of these individuals in the prevention and support services of children and families.  The ultimate goal of this agency is to promote safety, permanency, and well-being.


3:25 pm -                     BREAK


3:30 pm –                   

Keynote Closeout –Kay Kretsch, M.B.A., Dismas, Inc. – Building a Functional Reentry Program

Kay joined Dismas in July 2020 as the Interim CEO of Dismas Inc. and took the role permanently in October 2021.  As a board member since 2015, Kay led the five-year Dismas expansion project from start to finish and during that period she also served 2 years as the Board Chair, bringing her hands-on experience to the interim position.  Kay recently left her corporate position with the Highmark Health Plan to take on this leadership assignment.


4:30 pm –                    Closeout

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