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Our Mission

Our mission at the National Association of Reentry Professionals is simple and clear: to build a strong national network of skilled reentry experts, offer comprehensive training in reentry services and programs, and facilitate valuable connections to essential resources.

Our Values

At the National Association of Reentry Professionals, our values are rooted in fundamental principles:

1.     We believe in enhancing efficiency by redesigning systems to address program challenges and reentry obstacles.

2.     We are committed to closing service gaps, ensuring comprehensive support for all.

3.     We empower the voices of returning citizens as equals, valuing their input in decision-making processes.

4.     We actively listen to the voices of children and families impacted by the justice system, acknowledging their perspectives.

5.     We take pride in honoring and celebrating the outstanding contributions of reentry professionals through awards and recognition.

Our Vision

At the National Association of Reentry Professionals, we envision:

1.     Establishing a national benchmark for excellence in reentry services, which promotes the highest quality performance among reentry professionals.

2.     Hosting annual conferences and recurring training events to Educate, Collaborate, and Inspire others, driving ongoing enhancement in successful reintegration practices.

3.   Facilitating comprehensive community-wide coordination, optimizing the delivery of reentry services and programs for all.





519 N. Newnan Street

Jacksonville, FL 32202

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